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2012 Road Projects

Road projects for 2012 will consist of in-house maintenance and repair projects, i.e 4 miles of chip sealing, application of 5,000 pounds of hot-flow crack sealer, and $5,000 in hot mix asphalt patch repair.

Maintenance Workers

Mike Harder

Mike Harder - Supervisor; Assistant Zoning Inspector

Mike came to us in June of 1989. His skill in repairing equipment, and his creativity and innovations are a major factor in helping control costs. As maintenance supervisor Mike has saved the township thousands of dollars by tackling projects that otherwise would be contracted out. He, along with his crew, do an excellent job maintaining township resources. Mike's attention to detail and focus on safety are a real asset. When the snow is flying, Mike is out in the thick of it plowing our roadways and intersections.

email m.harder1414@gmail.com send email to Mike

John Farkas

John Farkas

John "Bud" Farkas has been a dedicated employee since March of 1978. In the summer, look for him mowing the ditches and helping repair the roads. In the winter, he is out at all hours of the day and night helping to keep our roadways clear and safe.

Safety Issues:

To report pot holes, missing stop signs, or other safety related issues, please email us with the information.